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Hello, Hello: Text
Hello, Hello: Video

Directed, Written and Edited by

Vicky Zhuang Yi-Yin

Starring: Eshah Shakeel and Sahaj Meet

Music by Andrew Behringer

Special Thanks: Javier Ramirez, Dr. Maria Elizabeth (Betsi) Grabe, Susanne Schwibs, Jennifer Lynn Jones, Andrew Behringer, Andre Seewood, Dr. Greg Waller, Kristin Martindale, Purnur Ilolova, Erin Mackenzie Deckard, Genevieve Pritchard, Teshome Alemneh, Satdeep Gill and Syed Haider Mehdi

Hello, Hello, based on a poem with the same name is a poetic film that invites dialogue between people who are seemingly different, but they can still be friends.

The film is an outcome of 1 of 10 films that were made during the Beyond Borders: A Filmmaking Workshop Across the Punjab Region in 2017, organized by Indiana University's The Media School. The workshop brought together 15 participants from Pakistan's Punjab and 15 participant from India's Punjab. Together the 30 individuals not only learnt to become better filmmakers and storytellers, but also become friends and share their stories of togetherness, despite the border that divided them, to the world.

Hello, Hello: Text
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