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I Took A 3 Day Online Painting Class

Yep. It's going to be about something I did. And you know what, if I found a fun time, I might as well tell you guys about it. So while back, I signed myself up for a painting class. Obviously, I had no idea what to expect. And here is what I made at the end of it.

Call it whatever you want, but I am going to let you know that I was super proud of me doing this. Here's why: I enjoyed the process. It doesn't look perfect, but the process from an empty canvas to what you see above is just plain amazing.

And a special shout out is in order. This painting workshop was conducted by Partner Painters. It is a two women team of amazing artists who created a studio and project space in Lahore, to spread their contagious practice of painting. They have done a slew of workshops previously, but I never went to any of them because I never had the time before, but since quarantine was happening and I wanted to do some painting, I joined them.

The two women behind this inspiring group are Minaa Mohsin and Anum Lasharie. Now, I already know of Anum because she is related to one of my closest friends, which is how I got to know about this workshop by the way. Both of them are accomplished artists in their own right and what I love about them is that they are not keeping the wonderful world of art to themselves, and are spreading it to people through their classes. It doesn't matter whether you are picking up the brush for the first time, or have some experience twirling the brush previously. The fun aspect of the workshops are the togetherness. Everyone painted the same thing. But everyone's painting was different.

Minaa and Anum broke down the steps. Explained how the colors worked, what details to take notice of. Elaborated on how we should mix the colors and how to use acrylics differently. Eventually after three days on Zoom (and a little homework), we completed a couple of flowers in a green cup on a red checkered table cloth.

There are no mistakes. They kept reminding me over the three days. Just as Bob Ross said it. Honestly, that's the best part about doing this session. I didn't have to worry about making mistakes. The idea was to make something, and make something I did. So, I really want to thank both Minaa and Anum for this fun time, and I want you guys to go follow them.

Partner Painters can be found on Instagram: @partner.painters. If you want to find them on Facebook, they are here: Partner Painters. I love them. I'm sure you guys will too!

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