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The Cheeni Chronicles

The Cheeni Chronicles is me trying to work on things that I like. There's nothing set in stone about what to expect here. Anything can happen. My ideas will change. My mediums will change. But at the end of the day, this is all about storytelling.

I was born in Pakistan, in 1988. But, I don't look like the people around me. That's because my mom and dad moved to this country in the 80s from China. I want to be a filmmaker, and I already work in making life happen in the theatre. I write prose, poetry, songs, ideas, scripts, and also help other people write stuff too. I teach drama at great schools in this country and have worked with youths through an organization that I created with my friends, Kanwal and Iram called OLOMOPOLO Media.

This place is going to be a collection of my works, my writings, my ideas, my challenges, my reactions, my inspirations and my motivations. I hope that through this I learn to become a better person, because at the end of the day it really is about that.

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