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Music Contributor

Jamie Chi, the director reached out to me after hearing my songs, and I could not say no to her. 

“Safe Distance” explores queer Chinese individuals’ lived experiences and narratives in the UK under COVID-19 pandemic. It involves 28 queer-identified interviewees who come from different Chinese societies and backgrounds, including mainland China, Hong Kong, Canada, the Netherland, the UK, and Singapore, and are currently staying in the UK. It examines themes which incorporates identity, intersectionality, mental health, discrimination, migration, the notion of home and community. 

Through “Safe Distance”, Jamie compares HIV pandemic in 1980s with COVID-19 pandemic since 2020. She would like to remind people to stay alert to the history of ostracization and discrimination against queer community in the society. She also highlights how queer Chinese individuals experience “double whammy” of racism and homophobia. By addressing the above issues, Jamie hopes to promote the message that “We should embody kindness and empathy with people from all walks of life” in her film.

Safe Distance: Text
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