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6 July, 2013

A poem about discrimination, the repercussions, the anger that it causes and the its never ending nature.

You see a reflection of your own hate

You can't turn back, it is too late

You want redemption to reduce regret

But this pain you've caused, I'll never forget

You brought it on your own, this curse, this hole

You differed not in opinion but belief in the soul

I was different, in every way that I looked

And your hate blurred your vision, and then you were hooked

To shun all those who were to you astray

But who are you to stop me in my way

Who are you to tell me that I am wrong?

When the pain was caused by you all along

You burnt, you raped, you tortured the others

You promised a land and fortune for your followers

You bred more hate, fed more differences

History repeated, there are many references

Thanks to you, we'll never be one

And all the wars fought would never be won

You caused all these fights, these pains to last

But you've harmed yourself; your curse is cast...

The Punisher Punished: Text
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